CEOs and Sport- Hiranandani Parks,Oragadam


Throughout our lives, one of the major characteristic traits that remain constant with a person is their preference of sport. Some people like them and some people don’t, but that choice is etched permanently into their souls like a green ink tattoo. Sports activities are great ways to learn about team spirit and team involvement.


How is sport relevant to CEOs? As the Chief Executive Officer, he/she must know a lot about team building and managing activities. This is one of the core aspects of their jobs. And guess what? Many CEOs are die-hard fans and active participants in at least one sport!


From Cricket to Golf, many different people have a wide-range of Interests. What do CEOs find in Sports that would help them correlate it in business aspects?


Here are the various sporting activities that entice CEOs and make them active participants with a brief overview of where you can play them in Chennai!


Overview of the Sporting Activities that CEOs Enjoy



Golf sport hiranandani parks oragadam


The sport of Golf has been synonymous with many professionals over a long period of time. When one observes their very much busy schedule for five days a week, it can be easily  understood that they do not want to be involved in any sport activity that further tires them out; instead, they choose to get involved in a sport which does not require lots of movement, but rather requires skills of high-level accuracy and concentration. CEOs like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs to Virginia Rometty of IBM, all enjoy playing golf. While Lloyd has a handicap of 23.4 which is really good for a non-professional player, Virginia has a decent handicap of 35.4.




Cricket is a global phenomenon. Undoubtedly global. One may wonder why this is so since in many countries, the sport of cricket is unheard of. The answer is simple: Subcontinent expats who enjoy the sport, bring the sport with them when they are shifting to countries like the US. A lot can be learned by simply watching the game of cricket. How matches change at the snap of a finger, and the extensive teamwork that is put in by all eleven players on the field. It requires excellent communication skills, the ability to understand what the leader wants, and the execution of the same! Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Google’s Sundar Pichai both love watching and playing the game of cricket.



Polo sport hiranandani parks oragadam

Humans can gain a lot of knowledge by reading books. There is no denying this fact. But, being a part of team sports like Polo can really up your game, put a person in dire situations where they have to react within a split second, and improve team collaborative skills. Why is sport necessary? Challenges are not encountered as often as they are in sports as they are in real life.  Playing and being involved in sports activities improves reflexes considerably, and will help a person react to challenges more impulsively and smartly which is absolutely germane in the corporate world.




If there is any other sport as fast-paced and has a tremendous amount of shock value involved in it, besides Football (or Soccer as Americans know it), it has got to be Basketball. From requiring an impeccable hand-eye coordination and complete involvement in the team, Basketball is one of the best sports that anybody can play. Contrary to popular opinion, height is not really that much of a requirement, despite the fact that many successful basketball players are massively tall! The action is unmatched by any other sport involved. John Donahoe, the CEO of eBay was a basketball player himself in his college days, and follows the game and is actively involved to this day!




Tennis is an endurance sport which can increase considerably when you play it. The level of strength and skills anybody needs to play this sport really is something. Many CEOs play this sport for this fact. In fact, endurance is really necessary for the corporate field. Playing tennis not only improves your endurance and overall stamina, but it improves your hand-eye coordination to a great extent. As a result of this, the person’s concentration levels would increase to a great extent! Alan Mulally, the former CEO of Ford, was immensely interested in the sport of tennis while growing up and is still an active participant in the sport.


The Scene in Chennai


Even though there are a surplus of sporting facilities located throughout Chennai, most of them would not be of great quality. If you’re looking for a one-stop location for all sporting needs, it would be at the Hiranandani Parks located in Oragadam. Spanning over 400-acres, the township is renowned for its extensive range of sporting amenities.

5 ways to unwind, relax and rejuvenate / experience a world of peace at H-Parks (lifestyle – in line with product amenities)

The township contains a massive golfing range, in which participants and players can either play the 9-hole-range or head on over to the driving range where they can refine their game. The Golf range has a full-time coach, Mr. Stanley, who the expats have praised admirably and have gone on to say that he is the best in India!




Besides the golfing range, there is a full-sized cricket field and a nets facility where players can practice and hone their skills. There is also a huge football field, a hockey field, a squash court, a basketball court, a tennis court, and a polo field with horse stables. It consists of everything to fit everybody’s interests! If you haven’t visited the place yet, you have to head on over now to experience its sculptural beauty!

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Lost in a Trance – Living in the Epic Hiranandani Parks


The first crop of the buildings constructed by the Hiranandani Group was mainly in Mumbai which revolutionized the way people live in India. It opened up more options for people who were living monotonously in either individual houses or standalone apartments. Gated communities, with the aim of providing an all-around solution for all their housing needs and community needs.


When news came about that the Hiranandani Group of Builders were planning to bring their prowess to Chennai, people were thrilled.


People were absolutely stunned when the magnificent Hiranandani Parks situated in Oragadam had finished being constructed. Their brilliant decision to locate this project in Oragadam has to be commended for its excellently planned out construction and smart choice of location. Over the last five years, many industries have set up their manufacturing outlets in the Oragadam and the Sriperumbudur region. And guess where a lot of them have chosen to live? The Hiranandani Parks!


The Lifestyle


There are a lot of expats such as Japanese and Koreans living in the Hiranandani Parks, and one would rightly expect the township to be truly heterogeneous. Having a diverse range of people to interact with can be really fun! From socializing to hanging out with each other, the people living at the Hiranandani Parks do really have a lot to do on a day-to-day basis.


Since the weekends are the two days when the people living here can make full use of all that the Hiranandani Parks has to offer, all 400 acres of the expansive township is vibrant and full of energy over Saturdays and Sundays.


The Hiranandani Lifestyle has attributes of high convenience. Every resident has access to basic amenities within a walkable distance. It has been aptly called ‘A city within a city!’ Whether your reason for shifting to the Hiranandani Parks is that it is close to your workplace, or the fact that you have just settled there to enjoy your retired life, living here is bound to improve the way you live every single day. If you are ready to tweak your lifestyle a bit, you’d be wishing that you had made the decision to shift here sooner!


Seven Advantages Involved in Living in Gated Communities


Being Independent


Many people tend to be skeptical to step outside their homes to get something that they want or even for general purposes. Your independence factor will rise heavily if you live in a gated community like the Hiranandani Parks! You’ll be able to do everything yourself, within the confines of a gated community and this has a great amount of survival factor ingrained to it.




Golf? Polo? Tennis? Cricket? You take your pick. The amenity is available. Although there are a lot of sports facilities which exist in the Hiranandani Parks, one sport that it is exclusively known for is golf. Inclusive of a 9-hole range and a driving range, the golf course at the Hiranandani Parks is complete. The golf range also offers training services by a coach! Once the golf coach decides you are ready to take your skills to the field, you can, and if you want to tweak your skills or just relax, you can take a swing at the driving range!

hiranandani parks oragadam




Food is important for survival and no gated community is complete without a restaurant or two. The Hiranandani Parks, owing largely to its expat population, has a Korean and a Japanese restaurant, both of which are of high quality! If continental food is not your forte, you have the option of eating at top-class Indian Highway restaurants which are hardly a few kilometers away!

Destination Drivers: Homes That Offer The Luxury Of Convenience

Go for Walks


Take in the sights and go for relaxing walks around the 400-acre fervor that is the Hiranandani Parks. Go for a stroll, and socialize. It is not just blocks of apartment buildings, but a township, mind you! The best opportunities for you to interact with people in and around will arise during the daily strolls!

Go for a Long Drive


One of the best ways to curb stress is by driving. The slow hum of the engine, and being in complete control of expert machinery is one of the best adrenaline rushes you can experience! Oragadam is located on the stretch of the beautifully constructed NH4 Highway. With many lanes to shift, and being able to maintain a constant speed without shifting your car’s gears too much, this is one of the best ways to relax!


Living in the Hiranandani Parks comes loaded with many advantages. By incorporating a neo-classical architecture, the Hiranandani Group has brought about something to Chennai that has revolutionized the entire market. In five years, it is expected to grow even more in population, and there is no better time than now to invest in the Hiranandani Parks and reap its benefits!

How Do I Plan My Real Estate Investments?

How Do I Plan My Real Estate Investments?

Sound investments equate to investing in Real Estate. Why wouldn’t anybody invest in real estates? With excellent returns on investment, and having an appreciative nature, streams and streams of people are banking on the increasing population of the city and the country itself. While many people specialize and have taken courses as to how they can prosper in the real estate conundrum, for many of us, a simple web search would suffice and a specific degree is not a prerequisite!


Here are six effective methods you can incorporate while planning to invest in real estate!


Investments are Businesses


The best way to plan out your real estate investments is to treat them like businesses. Why? Because viewing it as a business would really help investors to keep an end goal in sight. What are the two major goals when you invest in real estate? You can either choose to live in your properties, modify your interiors, that is the whole nine-yards, or you can choose to lease it. Investing in the right property can be a daunting task for many first-time buyers, and hence following your investments like plans can really simplify the taxing task.

real estate business investment

Make Sound Investments by Gaining Insight About Markets


First-time investors must know end-to-end details about the market they are investing in. While it would make tremendous sense to invest in localities such as Nungambakkam or Anna Nagar which will yield excellent appreciation rates and return on investments, many people do not have the sufficient funds required for it. This will be a cause for a reason to invest in properties located in relatively far away areas. This does not mean anybody is stooping below just because they cannot invest in properties of their liking. A simple read-through about the locality of Oragadam is enough to convince anybody to invest. These are sound investments and a pro-tip. Invest in growing markets. Oragadam is a continuously prospering locality and in a matter of two to three years, investors can be assured of gaining a superb return on investments due to many industries setting up shop in the locality!

(713) 439-3219

Ethical Standards all the Way


Maintaining ethicalities is always recommended for people who are looking to invest. Be friendly. It’s not going to cost you anything! Any amount of money put into investments is pertinent and important it is important not to lose your guard. Real Estate brokers and representatives will always try to upsell and it is important to be calm and composed in the case you wish to decline their offer. Doing this will make them show you around other properties which may suit your interests and all this will be due to the fact that you do not come across as standoffish.


Know Your Laws and Regulations


Many potential real estate investors are not aware of the rules and regulations involved in buying a property. Many choose to ignore it as well due to the fact that documents are really long and representatives will assume that you are in a hurry and end up not asking you to go through them carefully. You must read each and every line of property related documents, however. You must be well-versed with the laws involved as well as any hidden rule or law you are not aware of might pop up at a time when you least expect it, and you cannot stand your ground stating that you didn’t know about it. Read. Read everything thoroughly and you are well-set on your way to becoming a smart investor.


Be Aware of the Risks Involved


There are a lot of risks involved in any investments you make and real estates is not left alone. Market values are always going up or down and it is really important for you to be well aware of the risks so that you are not surprised afterward. Anything can happen. Governments have full rights to demolish a building to construct their own buildings in areas you make your investments in. This makes it important to research properly before you decide to sign the documents of ownership! Knowing and being well-aware of the risks involved will help you prepare and embrace the worst possible situations and adjust your investments accordingly to reduce involved risks.

Top Six Reasons to Invest in Oragadam

Ask for Help When You Need It


You are going to need help at some point in time. The on-field advice works really well when compared to learned knowledge. There are always people who are going to know that something extra about the properties that you are not aware of. If you are confused about some of the terms and conditions, consult legal help. Lawyers do not mask anything, and are always on your side and will take you through each and every regulation with patience. You can also bombard them with any query you want and they are not prone to getting irritated and are friendly. You will also be smart when you consult other people for help as only you will know the time you have on your hands to make investments after doing a lot of research.  


The Bottomline


In spite of many advertisements claiming that one of the ways of getting rich quickly is by investing in real estate, the truth is far from it. Becoming a successful real estate investor requires a lot of work, thought, planning, and smart actions. Whatever may be the small amounts of profits you incur, there is always going to be some sort of shift in the market which may potentially depreciate the value of your property. It is never too late to learn. And studying more and more and taking smart decisions will come a long way in helping you be successful as a property owner and an investor.


Are you aware of any other methods for making sound decisions when investing in real estate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Over the years, Oragadam, an industrial town located in the outskirts of the city of Chennai, India, has seen a tremendous rise in population and many companies getting established. The statistics do not lie. In less than four years, Oragadam has seen tremendous industrial growth and has led the following manufacturers to set up plants in the Sriperumbudur-Oragadam stretch: Yamaha, Motorola, Dell, Samsung, Nokia and Apollo Tires among many others. DHL is also touted to be setting up its Free Trade Warehousing Zone in the area.

oragadam chennai


Why should an individual, then, not invest in Oragadam? Here are six reasons why you should invest in Oragadam.


Return on Investment


After the establishment of the aforementioned factories, the population of the locality of Oragadam has increased by a huge amount. Flocks of people of varying ethnicities have shifted their base to live in Oragadam. It is also logically viable as it would be very difficult to travel from and to the city every day causing tiredness and exhaustion. Keeping this in mind, various property developers such as the Hiranandani Parks have established apartments of stupendous style and vigor in the locality for such people. A fun fact is that even people who do not live in Oragadam and do not work there such as citybies have purchased properties at the Hiranandani Parks for a simple reason: There is a demand. Purchasing a property here will fetch homeowners excellent return on investments and it has been increasing at a steady rate since the localities’ industrial boom!


Excellent Living Conditions


The city of Chennai is beautiful, without a doubt. But there is always this naggy feel to it in the form of overcrowdedness and insane traffic! You can avoid this constant buzz of activity by investing in the Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam. Oragadam itself is a calm and solace place; imagine living in a property which transforms calm to peace and solace to total comfort, and you’ve got the Hiranandani Parks! There couldn’t have been a more fitting description for it which reads: ‘A City Within a City!’ Littered with greeneries, and maintained to perfection, if there isn’t a more perfect definition of excellent living conditions, it has got to be investing and living in the Hiranandani Parks!

Low Cost of Properties  


The author wishes to state with conviction that nobody will ever be able to find a property with all the features and extravagance that are existent in the Hiranandani Parks at Oragadam, in the Chennai city! This is another key reason to invest in the locality of Oragadam. You can buy beautiful apartments starting from seventy-odd lakh rupees, and an added bonus with investing in the Hiranandani Parks is that you can choose to buy your own plots if the apartment lifestyle is not for you. Plots range in size from 600-2400 square feet and the prices range from fifteen lakhs to a maximum of sixty lakhs. What more could you want?


Access to a Wide-Range of Schools, Hospitals, and Colleges


Many of us have the pre-conceived notion that stationing in towns like Oragadam will not be in close propinquity to amenities like schools, colleges, and hospitals. These three amenities are one of the most basic and contrary to what people think, is very prominent in Oragadam. Schools like the St. John’s International School, Maharishi International School, are situated close to the locality. Colleges like the Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology are close in proximity as well. For emergencies and general healthcare, multi-specialty hospitals like the Med Corridor group exist as well. With all these amenities existent, you don’t have to worry at all about investing and shifting to Oragadam!


Proposed Financial City


The government of Tamil Nadu had recently proposed a Financial City to be established in Sriperumbudur which will create more than thirty-thousand jobs. This is touted to make Chennai one of the foremost Financial hubs all over India. Workers would definitely need a place to live in, and there is no better place than the Hiranandani Parks to invest in! Being hardly thirty minutes of travel away from Sriperumbudur, Oragadam is definitely one of the best places to live in.

Destination Drivers: Homes That Offer The Luxury Of Convenience

Ease of Connectivity


Oragadam is well-connected to places in the city like the Chennai Airport which is just an hour’s travel away. The NH4 highway connects Tambaram, Mudichur, and Sriperumbudur. Officials working around the area can also be pleased with the fact that industries located in and around are not very far away and everyday travel will not be tiresome.

Hence, there is no better time than now to invest in the Hiranandani Parks in Oragadam. With access to so many facilities and amenities, living in the Hiranandani Parks is a transcendental experience. Also, you can buy luxurious apartments, and plots to your liking at inexpensive prices.

Seven Advantages Involved in Living in Gated Communities



There are apartments. There are individual houses. But the fact remains that living in gated communities or a condominium has its own set of advantages and comfort factors involved.


What is a gated community?


A gated community is housing done at its best. With many people becoming increasingly unhappy with living in the city, there has been a rise in the number of people who wish to pursue gated communities.

letter hand

Gated communities come filled with amenities that are unmatched and will surely entice anybody who visits one. Power backup is on point, and the access to basic water needs are completely fulfilled.


Let’s go through seven advantages of living in a gated community, one by one.

hiranandani park oragadam




Gated communities are known for their top-notch security services. The gaining factor in this is the fact that you and your family can be well assured of safety in the environment.


Barring actual security guards, these gated communities have cameras fit into every nook and corner to fill in all those gaps of a potentially unsecured area.


Optionally, residents of the house can opt for the ability to view who is standing outside their door when they ring the doorbell.


This will ensure that the residents are able to fully view who is outside rather than viewing from the peephole and being unsure of who the person outside is.


24-hour security also entitles you to keep a track on your littluns if they are going through that phase of moving out of your sight unwarrantedly. Cameras everywhere will solve your problem.


Backup Power


One of the biggest advantages involved in living in a gated community is the fact that they offer power backup facilities.


Gone are the days when you were watching something of your liking on the TV and it turns off due to some maintenance activity or overall power failure. You have power backup facilities backing you up!

Commercial Complexes


A very well-built community will have access to commercial complexes such as malls, shops, supermarkets, schools and et cetera.

(917) 833-3654

Another added advantage is the fact that most of these places will also have very good access to multi-specialty hospitals and the like.


If you’re lucky, you may even find all these within the gated community and that would definitely help you acquire an edge over living in standalone buildings which may or may not be in close proximity to stores and other general areas.




What is one thing that annoys you about the city? The traffic? We thought so as well! The entire atmosphere around your house will be silent if you take away that one annoying thing.


Can you live in a noise-free locality?


With gated communities, you can! Live in complete peace without the annoying abundance of traffic noises that is existent throughout the city today.


Experience total tranquility by living in gated communities!

hiranandani parks oragadam long view



In a gated community, you can be assured of meeting the same people, day in and day out. A sense of uniformity is thereby instilled.


This would make it much more easier to socialize and communicate with them! A gated community usually has people of all ages living in them, from toddlers to elderly.


If you have a child, you might meet another couple with a child around the same age as yours, and this makes it easy for the child to bud and make new friends while at it! Another added bonus is the fact that you have the chance of making friends with your neighbors as well!


Commonly, gated communities have an association for all owners which will organize gatherings like outdoor picnics and drives for causes.


Ensuring that you attend is pertinent due to the fact that you have a very big opportunity to socialize and make new friends and become a well-respected face in the neighborhood!


Socializing and communication aside, you will also have a helping hand in case of dire emergencies!


Monetary Value of Your House


So you’ve purchased your house, and have occupied it for a year and you have gotten a permanent transfer.


You have the option of leasing it or selling it and you choose the latter. Guess what? It will not be a very big problem!

Oragadam – Chennai’s Hottest Investment Destination

If you have selected a house in a gated community with a trusted builder you will find potential buyers of the property with ease!


Another situation is when your gated community is situated in a location which is up and coming. Many people will look to invest in budding locations and you will definitely end up with a decent profit.

hiranandani parks orgadam

The Environment


One of the biggest disadvantages of living in a standalone building is the fact that you will be exposed to traffic and hence smoke from vehicles, buildings and the population who choose to light up on the streets will definitely make you feel distressed and be exposed to a considerable amount of pollutants.


Gated communities are enclosed and the only vehicles coming and going out will mostly be that of its residents. Also, most gated communities do not let its residents light up in any place they choose to.


These communities usually incorporate a lot of greenery in trees and naturalistic elements and hence there will be a lot of exposure to fresh, clean air.


When all your basic services and amenities are close-by and walkable, people are less likely to use their vehicles and up the pollution in the area.



It was about half past three in the afternoon when we started from T-Nagar, Chennai. My colleague and I were on our way to Oragadam, where the mighty Hiranandani Parks are situated, spanning over 400 acres. We had been asked to conduct an interview with the residents living there, expats and nationals included.        


We had seen the Hiranandani Parks Buildings on their official website, the solid towers with distinct domes on top and it looked a stunning sight. We couldn’t wait, however, to witness it in real-life, in all its glory!  What we did not foresee was how it would look up close.

hiranandani parks orgadam

As we got closer we saw a huge banner advertising the Hiranandani plots, which range from 600 to 2400 square feet, and behind it, we could see the huge towers of the completed portions of Hiranandani Parks. I was stunned! It was a surreal sight, to say the least. Imagine residence blocks as tall as skyscrapers. It truly was breathtaking!


As soon as we reached, we were led into a meeting room in the lush main offices of the Hiranandani Parks. We waited there for a while, with my colleague setting up the camera and I go through the interview questions that I had prepared. A few minutes passed, and a representative came to meet us to assist us in interviewing the residents there.


After that, we were taken to the main blocks of the Hiranandani Parks. We felt really minuscule with the huge Clarendon-II building towering over us. Again, I could not help but be totally stunned the way the towers looked like. As we got closer towards them, they looked even bigger in size. Was castle-like the word I was looking for?


We were led into  Mr. M. Chandran’s huge apartment first to interview him. A former Vice-President of Reliance Industries, and currently working for eAge Technologies, he has been a resident of the magnificent Hiranandani Parks for over eighteen months!

A Moment of Rejoice – An Interview With Former Executive VP, Reliance

Before the interview began, he asked me if he can talk throughout the whole interview, doing away with the usual question-answer format and he did. His command and vocation were excellent. He had absolutely nothing but nice things to say about the community as a whole. What he said he liked most was the accessibility to nearby factories and the connectivity to the Chennai airport and et cetera.


After we were done interviewing him, we headed towards the golf range. This was another stunning sight as it was very widespread. It had lush greens of grass which the representative said costed around Rs. 1500 per square feet to lay as it was of a very high quality. The golf course had a 9-hole range, and a driving range as well for people to practice with the coach.

hiranandani parks oragadam

Watching the expats play golf is as enriching an experience as playing it yourself. Most of them are already experts and the coach, Stanley, offered some inputs.


“Some of them are beginners, but many of them know their game well,,” he says.  “But I will be able to figure out the beginners form just by seeing them play their shots, and I will decide when they are ready to go to the 9-hole range.” I could feel his passion for the game just by hearing him talk. He also had great insights of the game and was genuinely interested in helping beginners and experts alike with their form.


He then proceeded to help us interview two expatriates of Korean origin. Most of them have settled here and the two people that we interviewed have been living here at least since 2016.


“I love the facilities here and I play golf regularly. In India, this is the best coach I have had the opportunity to work with!” one person says, pointing at the golf coach.


“I was in Mumbai before this, and the Hiranandani Parks here has (HParks is a brand name and singular)been terrific. I love playing golf and the coach here is the best!” another Korean says. He has been working in India for the better part of 16 months and comes to the driving range frequently to relax after a hard day’s work.


After our interview with the expats, we were shown the sports amenities that were (parallelism. Remember you’re still talking about past experiences)available there. Throughout the pathway which we had taken to be led to the place, I could not help but notice the wonderful roads that had been laid. The roads we took had a distinct feel to them and emulated those of actual townships.

hiranandani parks oragadam

What has to be commended is the effort that has gone into all this.


“Beginning construction in late 2005, it was finished by 2010, and many people had booked it by then,” the representative we were in contact with said to us. It was astonishing to say the least because the buildings looked brand new!


“Do you need to perform maintenance often I asked him?”


“Absolutely not. We haven’t since it was built!”


This was remarkable because, as I had mentioned before, the buildings all looked like they were finished being built only yesterday!


The sports amenities were another astounding sight! From football grounds to squash courts, the place had everything you could imagine! The cricket ground was expansive with net facilities. The football ground was combined with a running track for races, surrounding it. Just beside it was the volleyball court. Even though some sports grounds and facilities have not been fully built, they were all of high caliber and one could easily have imagined how it would be when fully built.

hiranandani parks oragadam

As for the apartment buildings themselves, there are twelve in total consisting of:


  • Warwick I & II
  • Chartwell I & II
  • Chatsworth I & II
  • Clarendon I & II
  • Wilton I & II and
  • Windsor I & II


There is a ring road connecting that connects all of them together.


Another great aspect of the Hiranandani Parks is the fact that Amazon delivers. Fast, too.

“If I order something which says ‘Delivery by Tomorrow’, it gets delivered on time.”

Plus, after a lot of requests on Twitter, Ola Cabs and Uber services are now available in the area. Even though Big Basket services are not yet available, the representative believes that it will be, soon. This is because of the fact that it has been a continuously expanding locality. Many automobile manufacturers have set up factories, to go along with Apollo Tyres and MRF which are hardly far away.


The Korean and Japanese population living there also have options of having Korean and Japanese food.


“It’s excellent,” says one of them, “I also love Indian food, which I have from time to time!”


The entire place also has power backup throughout the day and a continuous supply of water.


“During the floods, both in 2015 and 2016, this was one of the places in Tamil Nadu in which water did not get logged and there was no loss in power. It came in the newspapers!” the representative said to me with pride.


After that, I proceeded to ask him about the TV and Internet options here. All major TV networks work here. For Internet, residents have the option of choosing from Hathway and Jio Net. An ACT has plans to launch there very soon.


With these facilities, and the magnificent living conditions there, who wouldn’t want to live at the Hiranandani Parks?

A Moment of Rejoice – An Interview With Former Executive VP, Reliance

A Moment of Rejoice – An Interview With Former Executive VP, Reliance

Hiranandani Parks, which is one of the most renowned and creative builders of the century, has brought its expertise to Oragadam. Hiranandani Parks is a mega township, where world-class amenities are built amidst acres of green open spaces.

Here is a nutshell (capsulation) of the interview with a happy, long-time resident of the Hiranandani Park at Oragadam.

On being questioned regarding his stay, Mr.Muthusamy Chandran (Former Senior Executive Vice President of Reliance) revealed that he lives in a monument.

Having experienced the standard of the builders in transforming Powai, Mumbai, he holds an interminable trust in the Hiranandani groups.  Highly gratified by the amenities, he enjoys his tranquil and unperturbed stay at the place.

Oragadam – Chennai’s Hottest Investment Destination


Mr. Chandran mentions that Hiranandani has mastered the skill of ensuring the best work-life balance for people. He emphasizes the fact that this construction provides an incredible value for money.


On having noticed the effective transformation of Oragadam as a hot spot in the last five years, Chandran predicts that by 2020, it will emerge as a complete vibrant place to live. The fabulous builders maintain powerful and continuous relationships with the customers by building communities and have never failed to offer a ‘service with a smile’.

Advantages Of Community Living

He renders a warm welcome to the newcomers, to benefit from this extravagant project. In addition to raising stand-alone buildings, they take immense supervision over recreational activities like:

  • Golf
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Polo
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Basketball
  • Yoga area
  • Play area

He ultimately confirms that the vision of Hiranandani will enable them to make a similar transformation to Powai at Oragadam.

(734) 551-7044

(860) 299-3440
To many of whom question the location constraint of Oragadam, here is an answer how the Hiranandani brothers transformed the suburban landscape of Powai in Mumbai.
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Transformation of Powai with Hiranandani:

Buying 250 acres of abandoned quarry lands in Powai, in the late 1980s was absolutely imprudent. But Hiranandani brothers found that the growing Mumbai population needed comfy homes, with all amenities needed. They gave a unique architecture icon for Mumbai with their integrated township. The neo-classical style was adapted for the vertical housing project by Niranjan and Surendar Hiranandani.

Hiranandani Powai Skyline Mumbai

The brothers had to sell off their garments business when they had deserted land of 250 acres to be transformed. Though it had been used in Mumbai architecture earlier, it has been the Hiranandani’s who brought it to the vertical housing project. The columns denoted the ancient Greek temples.

Unique designs:

The design is known to offer strength to the structure. It has also a unique icon of the builders. The eyesore of the vertical structures is eliminated. The elements of Indian and British styles have served multiple purposes. They have double walls, which have insulation and air capsules. They mean the inside wall never gets hot or cold, to suit the season. The period of the 1970s and 80s were in shambles in the construction industry, and the builder had to refer international standards to create own guidelines.

Hiranandani Indian and British Architecture

Facing the challenges of no water and electricity, and lack of funding, the building was nearing completion in the 1990s. The real challenge was to bring in residents. This remote southern part of the city lacked the charisma. The Hiranandani brothers came up with the idea of creating a quality of life that is nowhere found in Mumbai.

Hiranandani Serene Lake

And that happened to be lush gardens. The city of Mumbai never has access to open green space, for it offers only 6% for the same.

More than half the township is devoted to greenery for recreational purposes. Surendar Hiranandani, the engineering mind of this project, found a rare book on the flora of Mumbai. The book threw light on an indigenous variety of flora, and the plants grew in their own nursery.

Flowers in a Pond Hiranandani

Across 150 species, 4 lakh saplings are planted by the Hiranandani brothers. They also researched the use of the flora, which also came up with the fact that the greens reduced temperature, and reduced electricity consumption.

Lush green and water:

The concept of healthy life allured people to move to this township. Another challenge cropped up, and it was water. Gardens needed water, the most precious thing in cities like Mumbai, which consumes 3.3 billion water per day. Water recycling up to 80% was how they encountered the challenge. Even as soon as 1989, Hiranandani group viewed sewage as a source of water for the greeneries.

Mughal Architecture Mumbai Hiranandani

2 million liter water per day is collected and treated and sent back for using, and the rest is used for greeneries. They don’t rely on municipality water. They are the first in the state to use this, as early as 1990. The gardens have now become the house for the birds. Ashish Mathri, a resident of Powai used to travel 50 Km to watch birds. This avid bird watcher now has all the resources in the Hiranandani Gardens.

Hiranandani Commercial Buildings in Central Business District

When industries moved to Powai, the Hiranandani builders offered infrastructure that followed the energy conservation technique. Now, more than 5000 square feet of office space oo the most popular MNCs of the world is operating out of here.

The integrated township also offers healthcare and education amenities to the residents. While Mumbai has 1 bed for 3000 people, Hiranandani offers 1 bed for 200 people.

Hiranandani Garden with a Pond

A multi-specialty hospital catering to needs to all is available for the community. 2 schools with more than 2000 students, functions in the township. The students are bestowed with 3 playgrounds, that are widely spaced.

Hiranandani also caters to the cultural and spiritual needs of the community. The consummate style of Hiranandani Gardens is being copied by industrial rivals, but the quality is never met like the original.

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From a deserted picnic spot to the best place to live, 6176494612 has completely transformed it like magic, but with determination, brilliance and hard work.

Powai Transformation is decades old. The latest transformation is happening right now in Oragadam. Come be part of this defining moment of a city’s history!

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Clover Leaf Flyover Kathipara Chennai

According to a leading real estate portal’s property index, Chennai has been the second highest gainer amongst south Indian cities for July-September 2015 quarter. Also, the announcement of Chennai being a part of the ‘Smart City’ initiative by the Indian government has struck the right chord, stirring positive sentiments in the market. Among other localities in Chennai, Oragadam has emerged as one of the safest and most-rewarding real estate investment destinations.

Oragadam is strategically located between the two arterial roads- National Highway 4 and National Highway 45. State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) and its initiatives have transformed Chennai’s cityscape and Oragadam has also benefitted from the same. It is the North-Eastern locale of Chennai and has become a burgeoning industrial and manufacturing hub.

Investment in Oragadam is projected to be very fruitful with average capital appreciation of around 11%. Among proposed social infrastructural development in and around Oragadam is rail connectivity from Avadi to Sriperumbudur, dedicated Chennai- Bangalore freight corridor, a six-lane Chennai Peripheral Road from Sriperumbudur to Ennore port, widening of SH-57 (Singaperumalkoil to Sriperumbudur via Oragadam) to six lanes, a 350 acre aerospace and logistics park at Sriperumbudur.

Oragadam is marked by many upcoming residential developments. See this(embedded link to website) to know more about the top real estate projects in Oragadam.

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Parks and pool of hiranandani

It is human nature to endure and advance along with the community they belong to. Since the inception of mankind, community living provided us feeling of security, sense of belonging and growth by sharing the resources. In the modern life, these factors much needed as our busy work schedules create a gateway for isolation and aloofness. Socialising is proven to be very necessary for healthy living. Community living brings us closer to society, encourages interactions and exchange of culture. It provides a breakout from the monotony that saturates our daily life and opens up a way to earn new experiences.

Though community living is highly advised, it is very rare to find it in

The metro cities. Hiranandani Communities is an initiative towards offering the exceptional experience of community living in the urban India. A place of your own where you can enjoy the best of lifestyle amenities nestled within open green grass spaces. Where you can take a barefoot walk on the lush greens lawns and experience serenity at its best. A nice big swimming pool and a fully equipped gym are ready to help you stay fit. It just gets better with the Sunday morning at the adjacent Golf course with your friends. Community living at Hiranandani Parks gives you a chance to live the social life you always dreamed of.

It comes with the best architectural and infrastructural facilities. All the essentials and necessities of the ultra modern life are taken care of. Over a thousand families are already living amidst nature in peace and harmony. So come discover Hiranandani Parks, where a world of peace awaits you.